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The 2017 U.S. Holiday Shopping Forecast

How Shoppers Will Buy Products in Q4 2017

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The Story: Retail holiday sales have remained steady in recent years, but traditional shopping days such as Black Friday aren’t sure bets anymore. More than ever, brands and retailers need to keep a pulse on how, where, and why shoppers buy gifts during the holidays.

The Guide: We surveyed over 1500 shoppers about their plans to purchase holiday gifts, from how much they’ll spend to where they’ll look first–and uncovered insights that should shape every retail advertiser’s Q4 2017 strategy.

Who It’s For: Brands and retailers advertising in Q4


You’ll Learn:

  • A timeline of when shoppers will start buying holiday gifts
  • An estimate of how much shoppers will spend
  • A breakdown of how different ages and genders shop
  • Where shoppers plan to shop for products this holiday season

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