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Amazon Shopper Behavior Study

How Shoppers Will Browse and Buy on Amazon in 2018

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The Story: 2018 will be a pivotal year for retailers, and as usual, Amazon’s at the steering wheel. The only question is–where are they heading next, and more importantly, how will consumers react?

In our 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study, we’ll reveal eye-opening statistical findings that drive Amazon shoppers to make a purchase and why consumers may not be as loyal to your brand as you thought.

The Study: In this year’s Amazon Shopper Study, we asked 1500 U.S. Amazon shoppers big questions including:


  • How far are Amazon shoppers willing to search beyond page one?
  • How often do you use Amazon to discover new products or brands?
  • Are you concerned about counterfeit products on Amazon?
  • What’s the biggest factor in your decision to buy a product?
  • And plenty more!

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