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The 2018 Facebook Advertising Guide

Analysis & Powerful Optimization Strategies

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The Story: In 2018 Facebook announced they will be updating the way they rank content in their News Feed – and it’s likely to have a pretty big impact on advertisers. With CPMs expected to increase, the message is clear: Advertisers need to invest in a sophisticated Facebook ad strategy to stay competitive in 2018.

The Guide: In the following guide, we outline the fundamentals of “How to Perform a Facebook Advertising Analysis” along with our in-house best practices to power your Facebook Ads throughout the year.

Who It’s For: Brands Advertising on Facebook


You’ll Learn:

  • How to Analyze Your Facebook Advertising Efforts
  • Best Ad Types for Retailers
  • Custom Audiences Cheat Sheet
  • New Bidding, Creative, & Split Testing Strategies
  • Top Performing Promotions
  • Video Best Practices
  • Facebook + AdWords
  • Predictions From Leading Experts

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