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Amazon Consumer Survey 2017

Key Insights Into Shopper Behavior on the Amazon Marketplace

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The Story: Last year, Amazon tightened up their standards for sellers on the platform–and the marketplace is only going to get more competitive in 2017 and beyond. It’s important for 3P sellers and vendors to understand the typical Amazon consumer to create a better selling strategy.

The Guide: We surveyed 1,500 men and women about their Amazon shopping habits–when they buy, what they buy–and most importantly, why they shop on Amazon.

Who It’s For: Vendors, 3P Sellers, and brands thinking about selling on Amazon


You’ll Learn:

  • What Amazon shoppers like most about shopping on Amazon
  • Who the most brand-loyal audience is on Amazon
  • Why Amazon shoppers don’t stick to traditional retail shopping days
  • What device Amazon shoppers prefer to use

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