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Why Amazon Vendors Should Invest in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

How to Effectively Manage Sponsored Products, Headline Search,
& Product Display Ads

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The Story: Out of all of Amazon’s vendor programs, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) stands out as one of the best investments available because of its high-visibility ad placements and unique targeting options. AMS continues to be a driving source of incremental revenue for many of our clients focusing on growing Amazon sales.

The Guide: This guide is broken out into 2 parts: 1) An informative breakdown and analysis of how AMS’s different ad formats work and 2) performance results from real Amazon vendors and their success using AMS.

Who It’s For: Vendors to Amazon (a.k.a. 1P Sellers) & Retail brand manufacturers


You’ll Learn:

  • Full overview and analysis of Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Products (vendor version), and Product Display Ads
  • Where we’ve seen the best conversion rates for Headline Search Ads
  • Offensive & defensive targeting strategy with Product Display Ads
  • Average ACOS and sales metrics we’ve seen from 3 different vendors

Implement a Best-in-Class AMS Strategy

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