CPC Strategy

The 2016 Guide to Amazon
Sponsored Products

Tactics and Insights for Third-Party Sellers to Advance their Advertising Strategy

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The Story: In 2016, Amazon Sponsored Products continues to be one of the most consistent and profitable programs for third-party sellers and vendors alike. From what we’ve seen, the program still favorably rewards early adopters and newcomers – a trend that will likely end by the close of the year as Sponsored Products becomes more saturated.

The Guide: New for 2016, this guide extends beyond basic, well-known best practices and provides insight into what we’ve seen to be critical to success for some of Amazon’s most profitable sellers.

Who It’s For: Amazon Third-Party Sellers & Vendors already using Sponsored Products


You’ll Learn:

  • New observations with using automatic and manual campaign types
  • Where we’ve seen the most success using advanced match types
  • How to most effectively apply negative keywords
  • Best use cases for the bulk upload tool, including feed-based bidding
  • How a Home & Kitchen seller increased Sponsored Products revenue by 615% while maintaining an average aCOS of 13%


Get the Guide PDF Sent to Your Inbox

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