CPC Strategy

Evaluating Amazon’s Vendor
Premium Services

An Analysis of How Amazon Vendors Can Invest to Grow Product Orders

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The Story: Amazon’s Vendor Premium Services offer vendors—a.k.a. brand suppliers to Amazon’s retail business—an opportunity to enhance their visibility on the marketplace through a variety of marketing programs. But which programs warrant your investment and which have no real impact on the bottom line?

The Guide: We analyze many aspects of Amazon’s vendor programs and provide insight on which programs (like AMG, AMS, Vine, etc.) are the most influential to grow sales on Amazon.

Who’s it For: Brand vendors to Amazon looking to grow their PO (a.k.a. you have Vendor Central access)


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Intro to Amazon Vendor Premium Services
  • Amazon Storefronts
  • Amazon Reporting & Review Platforms
  • AMG & Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • AMS Search Optimization & A+ Content
  • Final Takeaways: Where Marketing Budgets are Best Spent

Grow Your Sales Volume on Amazon

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