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Shopper Survey 2017

How Shoppers Browse and Buy CPG Products Online & Offline

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The Story: Amazon has been blamed for being the sole reason why bricks and mortar are failing left and right–but what about in the consumer packaged goods space? Are consumers still willing to go out and run errands the old fashioned way, or do they see online shopping as a must? We’ll explore that and more in this study.

The Guide: We surveyed shoppers across 5 different CPG categories including: Skincare products, health supplements, pet care products, baby care products, and home cleaning products to get insights about what they feel is important. These findings hint at the future of CPGs.

Who It’s For: Brands & retailers of CPG products


You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest trends affecting CPG products today
  • Where consumers prefer to buy everything from pet food to baby care products
  • How many consumers see Amazon as their top destination (and for what products)
  • Why shoppers choose to purchase one CPG product over another


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