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The Google Shopping Guide:
2015 Edition

Key Initiatives to Address for Optimal PLA Performance in 2015

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The 2015 Edition of The Google Shopping Guide covers a program already cemented in a new significant change: Shopping campaigns. With high SERP exposure, lower CPCs than traditional text ads, and better CTRs than text ads, Google Shopping has proven to be an ultra-profitable sales channel for retailers.

The result is a program that has already seen rapidly growing consumer adoption, a consistent record of innovation, and a more prominent role in the holistic retail Sales & Marketing portfolio. This guide will help retail advertisers navigate the program and provide insight into what CPC Strategy deems the key factors to success in 2015.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Getting Started with Google Shopping
  • Implementing Ongoing Product Data Optimization
  • Building the Shopping Campaign Architecture
  • Adjusting Bid Modifiers Across Multiple Dimensions
  • Expanding with Trusted Stores, Dynamic Remarketing, and more

Improve Google Shopping Performance in 2015

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