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Study: Mobile Performance on
Google Shopping

The Impact of Rising Mobile Traffic & Cross-Device Conversions on Shopping Strategy

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The Story: It’s time to stop underestimating the part mobile plays in influencing Google Shopping performance. Advertisers need to fine-tune both Shopping strategy and reporting to more effectively evaluate and capitalize on this growing consumer shift.

The Study: This study breaks down how mobile traffic has impacted CPC Strategy’s client base over the past 2 years, pinpointing where the opportunities lie and how advertisers can adapt campaign strategy.

Who It’s For: Brands/retailers already advertising on Google Shopping


You’ll Learn:

  • YOY trends in mobile and tablet PLA traffic, CPCs, ROAS, and more
  • How mobile should be evaluated in Shopping attribution models
  • How to apply an ISO™ strategy to isolate mobile traffic
  • Budget allocation strategy by device

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