How Growth-Oriented Businesses Can Win the 2019 Holiday Season

Tinuiti’s Experts Weigh-In On Insights Provided By Google

You’ll learn how you can connect with shoppers across digital touchpoints while elevating your brand so that it stands out among the competition by:

  • Leveraging available reports and data to planning ahead of peak season
  • Investing early in your campaigns, and paying attention to top- and mid-funnel KPIs
  • Understanding customer expectations, and delivering on them.

There are six fewer shopping days this season – make the most of the time you do have. 

The compressed shopping period means that as a brand, you’ll have less time to capture the vast amount of consumer demand and less time to make an impact on customers. That makes it even more important for your creative and campaigns to be in place well in advance, especially given that digital retail is playing a bigger role than ever. Download our white paper for insights into the holiday shopping season, along with a few recommendations for delivering a great experience to your customers.

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