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The Brand Manufacturer’s Retail Search Portfolio

Where Retail Brands See the Most Profitable Investments

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When advertising channels incorporate a search element – a true interpretation of active shopper intent – their value shifts towards the bottom of the ecommerce conversion funnel and, consequentially, can have a more significant and direct impact on a brand’s digital bottom line.

The Brand Manufacturer’s Retail Search portfolio is a compilation and analysis of the channels where retail brands are seeing the best ROI in today’s dynamic shopping landscape – investments that will grow both the B2B and B2C parts of the business.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why brand manufacturers merit a different ad strategy than resellers
  • Vertical-specific sales performance data, trends, & analysis from Q3-Q4 2014
  • When to focus on growing the B2B and/or B2C side of your business
  • How brands should promote inventory on Amazon, Google, and big box retail sites
  • Best practices for the top Retail Search channels for brands

Define a Profitable Retail Search Strategy

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