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The 2019 Google Ads Guide

New Data & Actionable Strategies for Google Shopping, Search, and Display

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The Story: Brands are going to compete more than ever before to grow their revenue from Google Shopping, Search, and Display in the year ahead.

In 2018, we saw Amazon listings continue to flood Google Shopping results as well as an influx of new advertisers that are competing for visibility on Google’s Search and Display Networks.

This changing landscape is why marketers need to get strategic with their approach to Google Ads to stay ahead of the curve and in front of their target audiences in 2019.

This calls for improving your campaign management, leveraging multiple ad formats to engage your shoppers at every stage of the journey, dialing in your targeting with multiple targeting layers, and using Google’s new machine learning and automation tools to optimize and streamline your performance.

For the first time ever, we are expanding our annual Google guide to go beyond Shopping to include data and actionable strategies for Search and Display.

The Guide: This guide presents a comprehensive look at the Google Ads landscape heading into 2019 and provides agency best practices on how brands can improve their performance marketing.

Who It’s For: Google Ads Advertisers


You’ll learn relevant strategies for 2019, including:

  • Changes in average CPCs, clicks, spend, ROAS, and revenue from 400+ retail accounts
  • Mobile Showcase ads, smart bidding options, and feed optimizations for Shopping
  • Responsive search campaigns, dynamic search ads, and advanced targeting for Search
  • Placement targeting, audience funneling, and responsive ads for Display
  • 7 predictions on how Amazon, SERP competition, and AI will impact advertisers in 2019

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