2019 Amazon Recap: Ad Console & Operational Updates to Apply in 2020

How Top Performing Brands are Planning for 2020



Are you all caught up on the Amazon changes 2019 saw? Amazon made big moves in 2019 with major changes on Amazon Advertising and the emergence of Inventory Performance Index. Brands that want to win in an Amazon-dominated landscape need to understand the way that these changes on Amazon operates. We’ll cover updates made to Ad Console and DSP and why smart inventory management is more important now than ever before. Hear from our expert speaker as we unpack the changes made to the platform in 2019 so that your brand can apply these changes to inform your 2020 strategy to drive real growth in today’s competitive marketplace.

Don’t Miss Out-We’ll be having a live Q&A at the end with our expert speakers from Tinuiti and Solid Commerce so come prepared with questions! Can’t make it? We’ll send you the slides and recording.


We’ll Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Sponsored Products Product Attribute Targeting 
  • What advertisers should know about ASIN optimization 
  • How to lift multiple products through a limited inventory assortment 
  • Dynamic Ecommerce Ads & Amazon DSP updates
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Our Speakers

amazon strategy pat

Pat Petriello

Director, Amazon Strategy

Erik Simon

VP, Marketing & Business Development

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