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As competition grows increasingly fierce, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands must find ways to differentiate and innovate.
D2C has led the way by building direct relationships with consumers, which has become essential across the retail landscape now that first-party data is king. In this 2-day virtual event, we discuss the emerging trends in 2021 and how brands can adapt their approach to meet ever-changing consumer expectations.

What You’ll Learn

All the trends you need to know to craft a winning D2C strategy (including Social Commerce and the Buy-Now-Pay Later craze)
Same, same but different: how to differentiate your brand to stand out from competitors
Understanding your campaigns results: Media Mix Modeling, Cross-Channel Attribution & Budget Allocation
A fail proof four-pronged omnichannel approach for D2C brands
Why our client’s strategy keeps winning in the D2C space


The Future is Direct: The D2C Evolution

10-10:30 am PT

1-1:30 pm ET

“DTC” is often associated exclusively with digitally native brands and retailers, but building direct relationships with consumers has become a focus across the entire retail landscape. This year, every brand is undergoing transformation, centering on building and improving consumer engagement and commerce capabilities. In this session, Google Director Michael Burke investigates the emerging search trends currently taking rise, and shares how brands can adapt to meet the ever-changing consumer expectations.

Michael Burke

Industry Director, Branded Apparel & Durables

D2C Fireside Chat featuring Goodlife Clothing

10:40-11:10 am PT

1:40 -2:10 pm ET

The performance of our client Goodlife Clothing has been way more than just ‘good.’ Join us and the founders in a conversation about their headline-making D2C journey. You’ll hear how Goodlife is disrupting the D2C space and which marketing tactics led to their success.

Obele Brown-West

Executive Vice President of Media

Andrew Codispoti


Maximizing Media Spend Impact for D2C Retailers 

11:20-11:50 am PT

2:20-2:50 pm ET

 Emerging D2C retailers can punch above (way above) their weight class when it comes to maximizing media spend impact. As for the incumbent D2C retailer, it’s time to pivot and stay ahead of the curve. In this session we’ll cover media mix theory based on brand maturity, leveraging native platform tools to evaluate ad spend from a performance branding perspective.

Josh Brisco

VP, Growth Media

 Lew Brannon

Sr. Retail Search Manager

Building a Foundational Tech Stack to Support Your First-Party Data Strategy 

12-12:30 pm PT
3-3:30 pm ET

The new wave of privacy changes has made the need for a first-party data strategy more pressing than ever. But many advertisers still struggle with siloed data, underutilized tech, and a fractured view of the customer. This session will break down what a holistic 1P data strategy really means, the foundational tools and systems advertisers need, and the measurement strategies that every advertiser should be testing in 2021.

andrew richardson vp of analytics at tinuiti

Andrew Richardson

Senior Vice President, Analytics & Marketing Science

Nirish Parsad

Nirish Parsad

Martech Solutions Architect

Omnichannel Growth Strategies

10-10:30 am PT
1-1:30 pm ET

The days of the linear customer journey are gone. Today, it’s dynamic, accessible and continuous, as the buyer moves fluidly among touch-points. Whether on a marketplace, a distributor’s website, your own website, through your social feeds or any number of physical points of sale, as a seller you have to consider the entire ecosystem, how all the pieces fit together and how to move buyers through that journey without friction. Together, we’ll discuss how to optimize your omnichannel strategy across the “Four Pillars – Channel Selection, Marketing, Operations and Logistics” to build a smooth, convenient customer journey across multiple channels while building operational efficiency.

Sharon Gee

 Senior Director, GM of Omnichannel

Leaning into the New Customer Journey

10:40-11:10 am PT
1:40 -2:10 pm ET

Shopping priorities have shifted; the events of 2020 have transformed the D2C customer journey. In this session, Klarna will discuss the latest in consumer shopping trends, and the growing importance of personalized content, brand discovery and flexible payment options.

Anoush Schaefer

Commercial Manager

Scaling a Brand with Flexible Operations

11:20-11:50 am PT
2:20-2:50 pm ET

Flexible ops allows for brands to pivot and scale. Topics can include how to juggle self-fulfillment and 3PL, securing fast shipping, building a transparent supply chain, using automation.

 Casey Armstrong

Chief Marketing Officer

Double Tap This: How IGC Solves Your Biggest Brand Challenges

12-12:30 pm PT
3-3:30 pm ET


Influencers boost brand awareness and drive direct sales — but the true reasons influencers are unsung heroes is due to the content they create. In this session, we’re zooming in on influencer-generated content (IGC). We’ll go over what content even is, how to leverage all the content influencers create, and how that content performs when repurposed across channels. Walk away with an in-depth knowledge of how content can solve your biggest business challenges, and 3 things you can act on right when the session ends.

Madison Smith
Madison Smith

Senior Marketing Strategist

Gabriella Koek

Influencer Associate Manager