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Accelerating Your Amazon Sales Strategy for Q4 2015

2-Part Course on How to Be More Aggressive with Your Marketplace Strategy This Holiday Season

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The holiday shopping season presents the biggest sales opportunity of the year for the vast majority of Amazon sellers. During these next several months, defining an aggressive strategy and the flawless execution of that approach are critical to maximizing bottom line revenue for the year’s busy season.

In this Amazon seller course doubleheader, CPC Strategy & SellerLabs team up to discuss the best practices for being more aggressive on your top-performing ASINs during this Q4.

The Agenda (more details below):

  • Part 1: Refining Your Sponsored Products Strategy for Q4
  • Part 2: 4X Sales in 4th Quarter, Are You Prepared?

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Course Breakdown


Day 1

Refining Your Sponsored Products Strategy for Q4

Topics Discussed:


  • How Sponsored Products fared for sellers last Q4
  • How shopping behavior on Amazon changes during the holidays
  • Using advanced campaign segmentation to be more aggressive on top sellers
  • Structuring automatic campaigns with tiered bidding models
  • Refining manual keyword targeting based on shopper intent
  • Structuring automatic campaigns with tiered bidding models

Course Speakers

Pat Petriello

CPC Strategy | Head of Marketplace Strategy

Rick Backus

CPC Strategy | CEO

Day 2

4X Sales in 4th Quarter, Are you Prepared?

Topics Discussed:


  • Understand how 4th quarter shopping behavior works and what strategies are necessary to prepare your business
  • Create a process to delight customers during a hypersensitive time of the year
  • Explore ways to leverage FBA to reduce complaints and increase last minute purchases
  • Learn how to forecast demand to ensure proper inventory levels
  • Design new pricing strategies to increase profit margins

Course Speakers

Paul Johnson

SellerLabs | Co-Founder

Rick Backus

CPC Strategy | CEO

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