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The Advanced Email Marketing Summit

6 sessions. All email experts.

Email has long been an anchor of marketing, but its importance has only grown with the rise of a privacy-focused web. The marketing industry is now beginning to fully understand the importance of first-party data to create the best customer experience.

To succeed in today’s privacy-first environment, you need a sophisticated email marketing strategy that’s supported with the right martech stack. In this summit, you’ll hear from CRM, email, and technology experts to help you build a winning email marketing strategy that’s created around your first-party data. You won’t want to miss out.

What We’ll Cover

The best metrics and analytical tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing
How to develop a marketing technology stack that integrates with your platforms to enhance optimization
How one client successfully built a first-party data foundation to develop a personalized email strategy
How to leverage other channels to turbocharge your email to increase conversions


Email to Cross-Channel: Delivering the Ultimate Personalized Customer Experience

Customers are increasingly and nearly simultaneously on multiple channels when engaging with your brand. In this session with cross-channel marketing platform, Iterable, we’ll dive into how you can expand beyond email and leverage channels like SMS, in-app notifications, and more to effectively create, optimize and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey.

Leah Lloyd

Group Director, CRM & Email

Ian Brandon

 Director of Enterprise Accounts

Leverage Live Content to Create Dynamic Emails

From cart abandonment banners to countdown clocks and more, there are lots of ways to create engaging live content on emails that lead to conversions. Learn from Tinuiti and email marketing and design experts Zembula how we’ve created dynamic emails from top to bottom for brands—and the enhanced engagement they saw as a result.

kait cummings

Kait Cummings

Strategist, CRM & Email

Robert Haydock

CEO + Co-Founder

Client Case Study: Using First-Party Data for Paid Media Campaigns

Developing a first-party data strategy is crucial in our dawning era of digital privacy. In this session, we discuss two client case studies and how they built and maintained first-party data of their customers to optimize and future-proof their email strategy.

Jordan Paluch

Strategist, CRM & Email

jackie rivera

Jackie Rivera

Strategist, CRM & Email

Setting up a Martech Stack for Your Email Success Panel

Siloed technology and data lead to a fractured view of your customer base and hurts your ROI. In this panel discussion, we’re partnering with a loyalty expert from Annex Cloud, an analytics expert from Heap, and a CRO expert from Justuno to discuss the best approaches to uplevel your marketing technology strategy.

Stacy Strom

Associate Dir, CRM & Email

Steph Carcamo

Professional Services Success Strategist

Peter Inthirakoth email strategist

Peter Inthirakoth

Senior Strategist, CRM & Email

Steve Swain

VP of Business Development

Travis Benson

Solutions Consultant

Upleveling your Email Experience with Personalization and ESPs

Email personalization is critical to improving your email program performance metrics and improving customer affinity. In this session, we partner with software platform Klaviyo to dive into how to use first-party data to create sticky emails that cater to your audience.

Jenny Tran

Strategist, CRM & Email

Ashley Gomes

Manager of Partner Success

Utilizing Email Analytics to Improve Performance

Effective measurement is critical in evaluating your email performance and continuously making improvements. In this session, we partner with Customer Data Platform, Dynamic Yield, to discuss how to measure, what to measure, and how to use that information to improve your email performance.

Ananda Farge

Strategist, CRM & Email

Gidi Vigo

Senior Director of Product