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The 2019 Advanced Email Marketing Masterclass

Expert strategies for a sophisticated email marketing program




Email is seen as the top ROI driver by US marketers, according to eMarketer. Email can be leveraged to effectively communicate with customers, prospects, build brand awareness, and generate revenue with the correct strategy in place. Discover how to leverage technology to listen to customers’ data, segment customers based on preferences and behaviors, and use those segments to create personalized, valuable marketing messages. Join us and our partners Justuno, and Movable Ink as we uncover new and creative ways to use technology to advance your email marketing and improve conversions.


Some Topics We Covered:

  • Audience segmentation strategies based on subscriber behavior and preferences
  • Improving automated welcome and cart-abandonment emails for maximum impact
  • Optimizing win-back email campaigns for better performance
  • Implementing dynamic personalization for increased engagement
  • The importance of designing with mobile in mind
  • How to write stellar copy and optimize creative (with examples)

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    Holiday Performance Strategy to Increase Email ROI

    Tinuiti will unpack the road to high performing emails through a data driven approach. When consumers’ inboxes are flooded with emails, it’s critical to differentiate yourself against competitors. Learn to optimize your email strategy through segmentation, high quality assets, and automated campaigns for maximum impact to stay top of mind with consumers.


    How to Target & Time Your Holiday Pop-Ups: Email, AI, & On-Site Strategy Tips

    Today’s technological marketer has an endless supply of tools that allow them to track customers across the web and deliver targeted messaging based on their relevant data. One pitfall to consider is the push-back from these customers when they notice they are being tracked by their favorite brands. Contextualization and segmentation are key – let’s get it right for the holidays!


    How to Create 1:1 Emails That Drive Results (Without Straining Your Production Process)

    As any digital marketer knows, elevating the customer experience is imperative for driving success. And in today’s visual era, expectations are higher than ever: marketers are tasked with creating compelling visual experiences based on all relevant customer data that is unique at every moment of engagement. But that’s a tall order for many marketers, who struggle with creating personalized visuals at scale. In this webinar, Chris Kopyar, Director of Solutions Architecture at Movable Ink, will walk through proven strategies for creating data-driven email campaigns that elevate the customer experience without bringing production to a screeching halt.

Our Speakers


Mandi Moshay

Associate Director, CRM & Email



Mathew Bingham

Director of Partnerships at Justuno




Chris Kopyar

Director, Solutions Architecture