Manage Your Amazon Purchase Orders with Demand Forecasting

Precisely Predict Amazon’s Stock Demands with Self-Service & Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Data

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How do you accurately predict and fulfill Amazon’s purchase orders (POs) and avoid chargebacks? It’s up to Vendors to stay on the pulse of Amazon’s stock demands taking self-service data and ARA reports into account. Let’s deep-dive into demand forecasting — a proficient fulfillment method backed by customer data.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Navigating Amazon’s Probability Level Demand Forecasts
  • Analyzing Self-Service & ARA Data to Keep Up with Stock Demand
  • Forecasting Amazon’s POs Post-Prime Day & Pre-Q4
  • Breakdown of Data-Driven Process to Manage Amazon Operations
  • Deciding Factors on Fulfillment: When to Take Inventory Risks

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Event Speakers

Eric Kauss

Manager, Vendor Operations