How to Build Your Ecommerce Brand Through Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, July 25th @ 11am PT/2pm ET

Simply put, social media marketing allows you to continuously drive brand affinity, prospect new customers & drive revenue for your ecommerce brand. But, many questions still seem to be unanswered when it comes to proper techniques, strategies & investments for certain social channels.

Therefore, CPC Strategy & Simply Measured are teaming up to host an open Q&A event where you’ll be able to ask any & all your questions around social media marketing.

Questions We’ll Be Addressing:

  • How should brands approach their social media strategy?
  • Which social channels should we be investing our ad dollars in?
  • How do we measure success through social media marketing?
  • How can we find new customers through social media marketing?

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Event Speakers

Sarah Rogers

 Performance Social Manager


Lucy Hitz

 Head of Marketing Communications