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Expanding Onto Seller Central

How & Why Amazon Vendors are Building an Integrated Approach



More businesses today are using both Vendor Central and Seller Central to leverage the advantages of both platforms on Amazon’s Marketplace. Each has their mutually exclusive advantages. Many brands wonder if going all Amazon 1P, 3P, or a mixture of the two is best for their business. Whether you are an Amazon Vendor or a Seller, expanding your catalog to two platforms is not without challenges of its own. Join our webinar as we evaluate how businesses are using both Vendor and Seller Central to manage their catalog and growth on Amazon and so you can determine if this approach is right for you. Learn how to gain tighter control over inventory, product pricing, and most importantly, flexible options to manage and scale your business.


Some Topics We Covered:

  • When Does it Make Sense for Amazon Vendors to Launch 3P Accounts
  • How to Set Up & Navigate Through Amazon Seller Central
  • 1P vs 3P Strategic Structure Examination
  • Vendor Central vs Seller Central Business Considerations
  • Benefits & Advantages of Selling in Vendor Central & Seller Central

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Our Speakers


Leo Carrillo III

Manager, Amazon & Marketplace Growth



Sarah Simensky

Team Lead, Marketplace Channels