Boost Your Q4 Amazon Sales Volume
Using Prime Day Data

Incorporate Key Insights to Create a Record-Breaking Q4 Strategy

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Prime Day sales spiked and deals ended – now what? Keep the momentum driving your sales pendulum.

Q4 can be the most competitive time of year in the Amazon Marketplace. But it can also be the most lucrative holiday season. Incorporate advertising successes from Prime Day to create a winning Q4 strategy.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Key Findings from Prime Day 2018
  • Indicators of Q4 Performance and Tips for Success
  • Maintaining Traffic Garnered from Prime Day Deals
  • Analyzing Prime Day Wins & Losses
  • Evaluating Returns, Negative Feedback & Inventory

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy & Skubana divulge key insights from Prime Day for last-minute Q4 strategy tips.

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Event Speakers

Karen Hopkins

Marketplace Channel Analyst


Aaron Gooden

Lead Marketplace Channel Analyst


Chad Rubin

Co-Founder & CEO