Amazon Closes the Door on Google Shopping Product Listing Ads

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Amazon shuts down Google Shopping PLAs.

Over the past year Amazon had drastically increased their paid media investment across Google Shopping, driving up CPCs and controlling impression share across the SERP – until this past week.

Although unclear why Amazon has decided to change course, our PPC experts decided to jump on a live open forum Q&A, to explain their thoughts & predictions, and what this means for Ecommerce companies today.

Join CPC Strategy for an Open Q&A Forum:

  • Why did Amazon decide to pull back from Google PLAs?
  • How will this affect Google advertisers today?
  • Is this temporary or long-term for Amazon?
  • Which category’s were most impacted by Amazon’s presence?
  • What this means for Amazon Sellers & Vendors?

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Event Speakers

Anthony Artuso

Retail Search Manager


Stuart Dooley

Marketplace Channel Analyst