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The Direct to Consumer Summit Agenda

Day 1


    How The Coronavirus Crisis Impacts Performance Marketing Long Term

    The Coronavirus quickly escalated from a healthcare crisis to an economic crisis. Companies across all industries are pulling back on media spend to avoid risk and cut costs. But when we emerge from this crisis, what will performance marketing look like? How should brands re-enter as the economy slowly opens back up. Join Forrester analyst Collin Colburn to learn about the impact Coronavirus is having on marketing and how marketers should prepare for the rebound.


    Why Modern Direct Mail is a D2C Marketer’s Secret Weapon

    Direct Mail is a powerful weapon in the modern marketer’s arsenal. This emerging channel cuts through digital clutter by reaching customers in the comfort of their own homes, delivering response rates up to 13x higher than email alone. Savvy digital marketers are doubling down on leveraging existing customer relationships to yield huge dividends, especially in a time when acquisition budgets are being tightened. Whether it’s for retargeting, retention, or re-engagement, modern direct mail can supercharge campaigns and help marketing teams do much more with much less. Join Lob to see how leading D2C brands are optimizing their marketing spend by using smarter direct mail to engage customers with highly personalized and relevant campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle.


    Use Video Effectively Throughout Your Customer’s Journey

    Videos capture attention and show off products in a way traditional product imagery and text descriptions simply cannot. It’s no surprise then that eCommerce brands are leaning into video content—especially during the important end-of-year shopping seasons. But truly forward-thinking D2C marketers are using video for more than just advertising—they are launching data-driven video experiments across the entire customer journey to drive sales. Join QuickFrame’s Morgan Bailey for a conversation about how video should be used across your path-to-purchase, how to infuse data into your video strategy to maximize impact, and how to go about efficiently producing the video assets your D2C brand needs.

Day 2


    Multichannel Approach to Building Your Owned Email Marketing Audience

    With ever-changing regulations, technology, and capabilities, the landscape of email marketing is constantly evolving. But one thing remains the same: it’s not going anywhere. Now more than ever, brands are relying on email to engage customers, share important updates, and drive online conversions. List growth is the key to scaling any successful email program but where to start? Join us as we explore a multichannel approach to email acquisition as well as retention and brand loyalty.


    How D2C Brands Succeed with Community Across All Channels

    Community is at the core of success for all D2C brands, but how can that community success translate across all channels? In this webinar, we’ll share actionable tips for building community across all channels.


    Your Best Customers Call: How to Optimize Your Cross-Channel Strategy for Call Conversions

    No cross-channel marketing strategy is complete without phone calls. For most businesses, your most valuable customers convert by calling. And the COVID-19 crisis has made the call channel even more important to marketers. How well your search, digital, and offline campaigns generate the right types of callers — and the experiences you provide to convert them — can make or break your marketing ROI. Join us to learn the latest marketing best practices to convert more callers to sales opportunities and customers.

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