Inside Look: How Top Brands Are Driving Revenue from Instagram

Paid and Organic Marketing Tactics that Work


Increased volume of direct brands has led to increased audience overlap and competition on Instagram. This calls for a renewed focus on optimizing your strategic advertising efforts and organic approach. Brands need to design with conversions in mind if they want to stand out from competitors. Our expert speakers will unpack best practices that will allow you to capture consumer demand using both organic and paid initiatives. If you’re looking for an effective way to optimize your current Instagram advertising strategy to increase conversions and improve ROI, tune in to our webinar as we cover how to leverage Instagram to impact your bottom line.


Some Topics We Covered:

  • How to optimize your current Instagram advertising strategy to drive revenue
  • New and tried-and-true Instagram campaign types that increase conversions
  • The rise of the influencers & measuring ROI of influencer initiatives
  • Harnessing the power of AI to create and share better organic content & ad creative
  • Leverage Instagram Shopping to provide value to followers and enable brand discovery


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    Inside Look: How Top Brands Drive Revenue from Instagram

    Instagram is a visually appealing platform, traditionally used for organic growth opportunities. While the platform was originally designed for organic engagement, brands should also leverage Instagram’s advertising capabilities to capitalize on revenue opportunity. Learn powerful advertising tactics to drive conversions and maximize ROI on Instagram.


    The Organic Approach: Powering Product Discovery and Creating Content That Converts

    When thinking about driving revenue from Instagram, the mind often jumps to paid campaigns. But brands that aren’t harnessing the potential that organic initiatives have to produce ROI on Instagram, are missing a huge opportunity to connect with and convert their audience. Learn about the formats, technologies, and strategies that can help brands to leverage the channel in the right ways to produce meaningful, monetary results.

Our Speakers


Jihane Jeanty

Sr. Specialist, Paid Social at Tinuiti




Michaela Atkinson

Head of Content



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