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Stop Your Ad Spend From Cutting into Product Margins by Learning Your Optimal ACoS

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What is a good Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)? It goes on beyond ad spend divided by total sales. ACoS depends on a number of factors: goal, proper campaign structure, product life cycle, profit margins and so on.
A low ACoS is a good thing, but what you determine as low will vary by product. We will unpack our holistic approach to ACoS to help you find the sweet spot when balancing your sponsored ad spend and product margins.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Holistic Strategy to Sponsored Product Campaigns
  • Understanding the Profitability of Products
  • How to Approach ACoS by Product Goal & Life Cycle
  • Advertising Levers Used to Achieve Your ACoS Goal
  • Debunking the Idea of ACoS as One Size Fits All

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy & Fetcher team up to unpack all the factors necessary to uncover the right ACoS for your products on Amazon.

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Event Speakers

Jen Acosta

Marketplace Channel Analyst


Stuart Dooley

Marketplace Channel Analyst


Greg Mercer

CEO of Jungle Scout & Fetcher