Your First Steps to
Amazon’s Global Marketplace

Considerations before Expanding Your Amazon Business to International Marketplaces in 2019

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Your Amazon business is succeeding in the North American Amazon Marketplace. Now, new year means new business goals. Have you thought about expanding internationally on Amazon to accelerate sales growth and reach new customers?

Some brands, such as Bling Jewelry, have doubled their sales by expanding across 10 Amazon marketplaces. But there are many risks and factors to consider from sales and value added taxes (VAT), inventory, shipping, mastering a new keyword language, choosing the right country and market. Let’s walk-through these considerations together.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Benefits of Expanding into Amazon’s International Marketplaces
  • Differences in Shipping, Inventory Options
  • What is VAT and How Does It Differ from Sales Tax
  • Overview of the Amazon Global Selling Program
  • First Steps to Taking Your Brand Internationally on Amazon

Don’t Miss Out—Join four Amazon-experts for their take on all considerations before deciding to go global.

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Event Speakers

Sacha Wilson

Director Tax Technology Solutions EMEA


Samantha Blush

Marketplace Channel Analyst


Leo Carrillo

Marketplace Channels Manager


Carina McLeod

CEO & Amazon Retail Consultant