How to Apply Automation to Your Google Shopping Strategy

Streamlining Google Shopping Management with Programmatic Rules

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The Story: Most retailers and brands agree that every product deserves to be treated as it’s own business, but managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs manually isn’t feasible for marketing managers today.

Having an advanced marketing strategy on Google Shopping that incorporates programmatic bidding, budget pacing, search term harvesting & negative keyword grouping is essential to keep up with the channel’s competitive landscape.

Who it’s For: Retail Marketing Managers

Topics Discussed Include:

  • How to Maintain Control of Your Google Shopping Product Feed
  • Manipulating Custom Labels to Reduce Cost of Sale & Increase Bidding Efficiency
  • How Programmatic Bidding Rules can Strengthen Your Google Shopping Strategy
  • Improving Account Vitality through Budget Pacing & Monitoring
  • Search Term Harvesting & Shopping Campaign Analysis
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Rick Backus

CPC Strategy | CEO

David Weichel

CPC Strategy | Director of Paid Search

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