Investing in Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content


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EBC enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs to tell a unique brand story, enhance product images & text placements. According to Amazon, adding EBC to your product detail pages may also result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

There’s a lot to learn about EBC, therefore CPC Strategy & Skubana are here to discuss ways in which Amazon sellers can maximize the return of their Enhanced Brand Content.

Event Layout:

  • Enhanced Brand Content Value & Overview
  • Getting Started with A+ Enhanced Brand Content
  • Best Practices & What Sellers Need to Avoid
  • Calculating the Return on Your EBC Investment
  • How One Brand is Maximizing Their EBC Investment

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Event Speakers

Pat Petriello

 Head of Marketplace Strategy


Chad Rubin

 CEO & Founder