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Managing 100,000+ Products on Google Shopping

How Advertisers with Large Catalogs Can Save Time & Optimize Performance



Ecommerce companies managing hundreds of thousands of product SKUs in Google Shopping face a set of unique challenges when managing campaigns. Rather than optimizing and testing for success at scale, they’re often dealing with bloated, inconsistent accounts with suffering performance. Building an infinite number of campaigns and ad groups is both inefficient and not allowed by Google which makes campaign and account setup critical for success. Join our webinar to unpack Google Shopping secrets for brands with large product catalogs including the importance of account structure, automation, and streamlining processes to improve performance.


Some Topics We’ll Covered:

  • Managing your SKUs with a consolidation mindset
  • Why account structure is the critical key to success
  • Streamlining processes with automation
  • Proactively managing your AdWords Shared Library
  • How to create custom campaign label filters
  • Duplicating success and eliminate errors

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Our Speaker

Alison Nguyen

Sr. Specialist, Shopping & Feed


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