Leveraging Amazon’s EBC To Improve Conversion Rate & Drive Sales Volume

Influence conversion rate & sales velocity, a seller’s most important metrics

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With Amazon’s marketplace getting increasingly saturated, sellers need to differentiate their products in every way possible. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) provides just that. Why is branding on Amazon becoming a necessity? According to Amazon, EBC results in a 5%+ increase in sales velocity.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Introduction To Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content
  • Managing Your Brand Reputation On And Off Amazon
  • Tangible Benefits Of Investing In EBC
  • Analyzing Product Review Data To Build Your Brand
  • Live Walkthrough Of EBC designs

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy & eComEngine team up to unpack how EBC can lead to higher sales velocity and conversions.

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Event Speakers


AJ Swamy

Client Services Manager


Paul Rice

Director of Marketing