New Customer Acquisition Series 

 Profitable Tactics Brands Should Be Using to Find New Audiences in 2019

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A customer acquisition strategy is critical for the success of every business at any age or size. Companies tend to concentrate marketing effort at the bottom of the funnel but need to systematically feed the top to enable continuous growth. Our seasoned experts will unpack an integrated customer strategy for acquiring new customers – profitably – keeping in mind the customer journey and the aggregate return on a new customer. Our four back-to-back sessions will dive into our experts’ approaches on customer analysis, budget allocation, customer lifetime value, and customizing messaging in creative.

What You Can Expect

  • New vs. Returning Customers & the Value They Bring 
  • Budget Allocation & Diversification
  • Crafting Relevant Messages to Different Customers
  • Understanding & Taking into Account The Customer Journey
  • Measuring Success with KPIs in Your Integrated Customer Strategy

Don’t Miss Out—We will be having a live Q&A with our experts at the end of each session!

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    Measuring Top Funnel

    Social platforms are a great way to drive awareness about your brand and get in front of new customers. We’ll walk through some strategy and measurement recommendations for the top funnel that can help fuel conversions at the bottom as well. We’ll dive into the right KPIs to drive higher quality customers into lower funnel pools, and how to expand audience reach to drive down CPMs and leveraging video to build a mid-funnel audience pool.


    Full-Funnel Display

    Many advertisers have mastered the art of converting lower-funnel prospects and returning customers. However, too much focus on the bottom funnel eventually leads to diminished audience pools, making new customer acquisition very difficult if not impossible. Learn how to maintain precision and efficiency while filling your funnel.

Event Speakers

Jaime Smith

VP, Integrated Media Strategy


Lewis Brannon

Sr. Retail Search Manager


Alison Nguyen

Sr. Specialist, Shopping & Feed


Riley Spicer

Sr. Specialist, Paid Social


Geoff Litwer

VP of Performance Display


New Customer Acquisition Series Webinar