Owning the Google Shopping

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Techniques to Build Awareness, Drive Traffic, Acquire Customers & Reactivate Shoppers

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Competition on the Google Shopping SERP is increasing. It’s vital to get strategic about the way you run your Google Shopping campaigns before you are left in the dust by your competitors. Tune in for a breakdown of the Google Shopping ecosystem, techniques to maximize your return, strategies to boost your impression share and increase conversions.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Strategies for Building ISO Full-Funnel Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Actions Launch & Strategy Tips
  • Breakdown of Google Ad Rank Algorithm
  • Techniques for Branded vs. Non-Branded Campaigns
  • Tips for Accelerating the Consumer’s Path to Purchase

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy & Zentail team up to unpack how to best approach Google Shopping campaigns to for a successful full-funnel effect.

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Event Speakers

La Broi Walton

Sr. Retail Search Manager


Michael Meck

Operations Manager, Google Lead