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The New Role of Product Information Management

Why PIM Presents a Critical Piece to the Retail Puzzle

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Now more than ever, retailers need to be able to have fluid, complete product data to be able to efficiently scale product advertising and merchandising. Fitting into the “omnichannel” narrative, product information management – a.k.a. PIM – has risen to the forefront of key initiatives for rapidly growing and large-scale retailers.

CPC Strategy & R3 Consulting Partners’ Heather Raines – a Retail expert and consultant – team up to deliver a holistic overview on why retailers looking to scale rapidly need to understand how to implement processes around product information management.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Understanding the importance of product content
  • What is PIM and how is it different from other solutions?
  • Critical reasons why retailers and manufacturers are currently leveraging PIM
  • How to evaluate if a PIM strategy makes sense for your business
  • How to evaluate the ROI of implementing a PIM strategy

Are you managing your product content effectively?

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Webinar Speakers

Rick Backus

CPC Strategy | CEO

Heather Raines

R3 Consulting Partners | Partner

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