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Prospecting into New Revenue-Generating Audiences for Your Brand

Jump-Start Your Demand Creation With Google, Facebook, Amazon + CRM Data



All brands want to be able to build brand awareness with “brand-unaware” consumers in order to fuel their new customer acquisition efforts.

However, investing in the top of the digital funnel has historically been associated with unprofitable spend, difficult to track ROI, and unclear metrics of success — Until Today.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Architecting a Full Funnel Audience Model
  • Continued Implications of Consumer Data Privacy on Targeting
  • Data-Driven Personas & Individualized Ad Targeting Strategies
  • Creating Custom Strategies Leveraging Affinity Audiences, In-Market Shoppers & Lookalike Groups
  • Scaling Your Prospecting Campaigns With Your Business Goals

Don’t Miss Out—CPC Strategy & leading AI powered marketing intelligence platform, Affinio, are putting on a webinar to explain the benefits of investing in the top of the funnel via prospecting and how each channel can be used uniquely across a larger brand awareness media plan.

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Event Speakers

Lewis Brannon

Sr. Manager Retail Search


Alex Kevork

VP, Marketing