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Q4 preparation series



Q4 can be the most competitive time of year in the Amazon Marketplace but it can also be the most lucrative months in a calendar year. Amazon’s Prime membership club now includes over 100 million members in the U.S., with half of all U.S. households projected to have access to Prime membership by the end of 2019. Join our in-house Amazon experts along with our partners from eComEngine, Payability, and Avalara for a 2 day virtual event to learn how to incorporate advertising, operations, and feedback successes from Prime Day to create a scalable strategy that will outlast competitors for a winning Q4 strategy.


Some Topics We Covered:

  • Q4 Optimization Best Practices Checklist
  • How to Build Audience Pools & Invest Acquisition Dollars
  • Determining the Proper Marketing Mix from Interest Pools
  • Definitive KPIs for Your Brand’s Unique Goals

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    Use 2019 Prime Day Data for a Record-Breaking Q4

    Amazon Prime has shaped consumer expectations about online shopping. With so many customers buying at the same time, you can learn which listings are performing best, what content is resonating with your audience, and ultimately which products you should focus your investments in. At Tinuiti, we believe understanding how to best utilize your Amazon Prime Day data is pivotal for a strong finish in 2019.Tune into our first session to see how to utilize your Prime Day data to create a record-breaking Q4 strategy.


    Advanced Amazon Advertising Strategies for the Holiday Season

    As Q4 approaches, ensure your Amazon business is fully prepared to increase product visibility and convert holiday shoppers. Having a sophisticated advertising strategy in preparation for Q4 is absolutely essential to a seller’s success. For brands to reach customers, it now requires sophisticated advertising strategies that are scalable and will outlast competitors. Tune into this session to learn how to effectively leverage DSP and Ad Console to make your brand stand out during the Holiday shopping season.


    Q4 Operational Preparedness and Understanding Amazon’s Inventory Needs

    All vendors focused on growing their revenue from Amazon need to be invested in an ongoing, data-driven process to manage their Amazon operations. Demand forecasting, purchase order and inventory management, chargeback prevention, and more are all critical to your success. Join our session to see how Vendors can overcome common challenges to master operational efficiency on Amazon to drive greater profitability for Q4, holiday season, the busiest time of the year.

Day 3 Agenda


    How Feedback and Reviews Can Boost Holiday Sales

    The busiest season of the year is approaching and we want you to be prepared to maximize your feedback, reviews and profits! Join this session and learn TOS compliant tips to get good feedback, how to respond to product reviews, and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box this holiday season. Your Seller Account Health and advertising options depend on it.


    Navigating the Financing Landscape

    Q4 often brings seasonal opportunities, as well as, holiday expenses to businesses both large and small. Business owners are usually fielding calls and emails about financing, but where do you begin? Check out this session to learn how to navigate the small business financing landscape and learn more about some of your options.


    How to Clean up Sales Tax for 2020- Amazon Reporting Hacks & Marketplace Facilitator Update

    While sales tax collection and filing isn’t an exciting part of running your business, legislative changes in 2019 have made it extremely complex. Marketplace sellers in particular carry the burden of understanding how to navigate these laws and monitoring changes in their business. Learn what the legislative changes in over 40 states means for your business, how to manage sales tax and reporting in Seller Central, and what you can do in 2020 to avoid future sales tax confusion.

Our Speakers

Samantha Blush

Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst



Liz Fickenscher

Industry Liaison


Dan Creviston

Marketplace Channel Analyst



Alex Sklar

Head of Business Development



Eric Kauss

Manager, Vendor Operations


Matthew Hammond

National Sales Manager


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