How to Invest Paid Media Dollars For Success This Holiday Season




Q4 is right around the corner, and the time to optimize your digital advertising strategy is now. This series will include a full day of expert discussions and cutting-edge marketing strategies that will give brands key advantages to accelerate growth this holiday shopping season. We’ll discuss the constantly changing digital landscape, analytics and attribution and will provide insights and tips of marketing effectiveness. See how top brands are incorporating an integrated media strategy consisting of search, shopping, social and display to reach their holiday goals. Hear from our seasoned digital marketing veterans along with our partners from AdRoll and Kenshoo who will discuss some of the most sophisticated cross-channel marketing strategies to accelerate brand growth during the holiday shopping season in preparation for Q4.


Some Topics We Covered:

  • Q4 Optimization Best Practices Checklist
  • How to Build Audience Pools & Invest Acquisition Dollars
  • Determining the Proper Marketing Mix from Interest Pools
  • Definitive KPIs for Your Brand’s Unique Goals

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Day 1 Agenda


    Approach Q4 With a Holistic Integrated Media Strategy

    Tune is as our experts cover everything you need to know in order to prep for Q4. We’ll review consumer trends, budget allocation and definitive KPIs unique to your holiday goals. Learn from our seasoned experts how a holistic integrated media strategy including search, shopping, social, display can help your brand conquer its Q4 goals across multiple channels this holiday season.


    Leveraging Paid Media for a Record-Breaking Holiday Season

    While the digital era has created many powerful new opportunities, it also poses challenges when tracking, analyzing and optimizing marketing and advertising performance. Hear from our seasoned marketing experts about specific holiday challenges top brands are facing, followed with the preparation and steps they are taking to address them. Tune in as our four expert speakers provide you with actionable takeaways to accelerate your ecommerce strategy in search, shopping, social, display.


    Q4 Metrics of Success: How to Measure the Impact of Your Holiday Campaigns

    The holidays are fast approaching and with those eager consumers looking to complete their shopping list. Savvy marketers are already planning and executing for their seasonal campaigns, but many can get stuck on a crucial step of this process: determining their key performance indicators (KPIs). In this webinar, we’ll breakdown how to establish your marketing goals, identify metrics that indicate success, find the right attribution model, leverage metrics to inform testing, and more!


    Rethinking Measurement: How to Prep for a Test & Learn Approach

    Q4 is packed with end of the year targets, holiday execution, and goal setting leaving little time for testing and analysis. Which is why it’s more important than ever to set time aside in Q3. Learn how Kenshoo’s new product Impact Navigator tests the incremental value of your offline and online marketing initiatives. Learn how you can better plan, test and prep for the holiday better than ever before.

Our Speakers

Austin Wisner

Sr. Director, Integrated Media Strategy


Aaron Levy

Director, Paid Search


Carson Hicks

Sr. Manager, Performance Display


Ashley Silva

Specialist, Shopping & Feed


Suzie Chudzik

Sr. Specialist, Paid Social


Giulianno Lopez

Content Marketing Manager


Tom Affinito

VP Corporate Development


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