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Roundtable Discussion on Retaining Customers After an Unpredictable Holiday Season

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Holiday shopping began sooner, inventory and fulfillment challenges made getting packages in customers’ hands tougher, and dizzyingly changing circumstances around COVID made planning harder: the 2021 holiday season was full of steep challenges.

From acquiring new customers to retaining those who were affected by shipping delays, Q1 2022 offers plenty of opportunities to retain the customers you worked so hard for over the holiday season.

In this webinar, we partnered with email marketing and design experts, Zembula, and ecommerce fulfillment company, Deliverr, to inform your strategies to retain your customers.

Listen in to a conversation driven by your most pressing questions and learn how to start off 2022 with a bang.

What You’ll Learn

Our expert recommendations on how to retain customers acquired during the the biggest ecommerce holiday season on record
Answers to your most pressing questions about customer retention after a challenging Q4 riddled with fulfillment and inventory challenges
How our clients nimbly navigated the holiday season and came out ahead