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Master the Ins & Outs of Amazon Operations

Seller & Vendor Ops 101

The Agenda


    Master Operational Efficiency as an Amazon Seller

    For both brands and resellers, having an advanced fulfillment strategy is critical when it comes to gaining more Buy Box share, increasing detail page conversion rates, and optimizing the overall profitability of Amazon as a channel. This session is designed to help third-party Amazon sellers better understand the strategic decisions involved in inventory allocation control and, ultimately, how those decisions impact Marketplace performance.


    5 Steps on Your Path to Amazon Vendor Operational Fitness

    Demand forecasting, purchase order, inventory management, chargeback prevention, and more are all critical to your success as a first-party Vendor on the Marketplace. Discover how to create a holistic analysis of your brands’ catalog’s performance, the dynamic factors that affect sales and profitability, and how that aligns with Amazon’s ongoing purchase order process.