Stay Ahead in 2019 with a
Customer Centric Approach

A Virtual Panel Discussing Why and How to Adapt to a Customer-First Business Approach

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Smaller digital brands are carving out a major share of the ecommerce market that was not too long ago commandeered by enterprises and large businesses. Why? They are focusing on a customer-centric approach.
In today’s ecommerce climate, it’s crucial to adapt your business to this new wave. Improve the customer shopping experience, understand complexities of the customer lifetime value, realize how to utilize customer shopper behavior data, all to attract, acquire & retain the most profitable customers for your company’s long-term.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Changes in the Customer Journey & Prediction for Years to come
  • Omnichannel Approach to Sell Everywhere Your Customer Shops
  • Strategies for Acquiring New Quality Customers
  • Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value in Your Ecommerce Strategy
  • Tips for Customer Retention & Meeting Their Demands

Don’t Miss Out—We have five ecommerce experts diving into what they are working on to stay ahead, trends in the market, and how to best leverage customer insights to acquire profitable customers & foster a long-term relationship.

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Event Speakers

Joseph Cole

Vice President of Global Marketing


Amy Chernoff

Vice President of Marketing


Jenn Berg

Director of Growth


Robert Statsky

Director of Customer Success


Event Moderator

Lewis Brannon

Senior Retail Search Manager