The 2016 Google Shopping Virtual Summit

Applying Innovative & Advanced Google Shopping Strategies to Drive Growth in 2016

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The Story: Competition for space on Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads is on the rise, making it increasingly difficult for retailers and brands to get their products in front of potential customers who are actively searching for purchase options.

The 2016 Google Shopping Virtual Summit is designed to arm ecommerce marketing executives with an arsenal of Google Shopping Campaign insights and strategies to help increase product discoverability and ignite profitability and growth.

Who it’s For: Ecommerce Marketing Executives

The Agenda (more details below):

  • Day 1 – Innovative & Lucrative Google Shopping Strategies
  • Day 2 – Drive Google Shopping Strategy with Competitive Analysis
  • Day 3 – Leveraging Customer Reviews to Boost Performance

Note: This event is free for all registrants

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Course Breakdown

Day 1: Monday, 5/23

Crafting Your Google Shopping Strategy to Drive Direct ROI Growth

Topics Discussed:

  • Basic Data Quality  & 2016 Google GTIN Updates
  • Improving Your Product Titles for Search Intent
  • Manipulating Custom Labels to Strengthen Bidding Efficiency
  • Exact & Phrase Match Targeting for Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Live Q&A

Webinar Speaker

Jason Bell

Retail Search Manager


Day 2: Tuesday, 5/24

Using Your Competitors’ Data to Drive Performance on Google Shopping

Topics Discussed:

  • How the Elimination of Right Rail Ads Has Affected Google Shopping Campaigns
  • How to Structure Campaigns so Google Will Show Correct Products
  • Why Knowing Your Top Competitors and How Much They’re Spending is Critical to Success
  • Live Q&A

Webinar Speaker

Dan Navarro

Director of Account Management

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Day 3: Wednesday, 5/25

Leveraging Customer Reviews to Boost Performance & Efficiency in PPC Channels

Topics Discussed:

  • How Customer Reviews Influence Consumer Buying Behavior
  • How to Leverage Company Reviews to Increase Traffic & Efficiency
  • How to Leverage Product Reviews to Increase Traffic & Efficiency
  • Proven Methods That’ll Help Build Your Brand Reputation & Make Your Marketing More Effective
  • Live Q&A

Webinar Speaker

Jordan Garner

‎Director of Customer Success