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The 2020 Amazon Virtual Summit

2-Day Event: The Ultimate New Year Checklist

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Day 1


    Advanced Amazon Advertising Strategy for Market Leadership and Sales Acceleration

    In this session we’ll cover advanced advertising strategies that top brands are implementing to set themselves apart from competitors. Discover the benefits of a healthy advertising mix, how your brand can target customers on and off Amazon by investing in Amazon DSP, and how top-performing creative can lead to higher conversions.


    7 Amazon Failures that Nearly Killed My Business & How You Can Avoid Them

    Amazon has redefined how brands sell online. Yet in the past few years, brands have pulled back from the marketplace, citing increased fees, counterfeiting, and relentless competition from abroad, leading to low profits and a “cheapening” of their brand experience. Tune in as I share the seven (almost) deadly sins that nearly killed my Amazon business after over a decade of selling on the platform as a top 100 seller.


    How to Get Legit Reviews The Right Way

    Product reviews are critically important for success on the Amazon marketplace. However, in recent years (and months) it’s become increasingly more difficult to get those essential verified purchase reviews.

Day 2


    How Vendors & Sellers Can Reach Maximum Profit with Operational Efficiency

    Operational management is key to improving purchase orders, buy box percentages, chargebacks, and advertising performance on Amazon. Join this session to identify areas to improve operational procedures to help Sellers and Vendors master demand forecasting, purchase orders, and more to drive growth across your Amazon catalog.


    Avoid the Pitfalls of Cross-Border Selling

    Getting the taxes and customs duties right on cross-border sales is vital for both you and your customers. It can also be frustrating, thanks to a maze of tariff codes (also known as Harmonized System/HS codes) and customs regulations. In this session, you’ll learn how Avalara’s automated solution can help you manage the challenges of determining customs duties and import taxes – reducing your risk of compliance errors, unexpected fees, and issues with products being delayed in customs.


    Utilizing Cash Flow and Inventory Financing to Boost your ROI on Amazon

    Cash flow is the grease that makes your Amazon business run like a well-oiled machine. Without the proper liquidity, your business can miss out on opportunities or worse. However, by utilizing cash flow techniques along with inventory financing, you can take advantage of financial and operational leverage to boost your ROI on Amazon.


Alex Sklar

Head of Business Development


Kristin Leishman

COO of Think Crucial

Evan Wright

Team Lead, Cross Border Sales



Liz Fickenscher

Industry Liaison


Mark Russo

Marketplace Operations Specialist


Nancy Hebert

Marketplace Operations Specialist


Travis Shihadeh

Marketplace Channel Specialist


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