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The Performance-Minded Marketer’s Guide to YouTube Ads

Breakdown of YouTube’s Ad Offerings and Best Practices for a Performance-Based Approach

With over 70% of adult consumers using YouTube (Pew Research Center), investing in the video-sharing platform is a requisite for brands looking to reach their audiences where they’re choosing to congregate. Like Google Display, YouTube offers powerful targeting options such as Similar Audiences, In-Market, Placement & Custom Intent and TrueView for ActionEssential levers a brand can pull to create awareness, acquire new customers & reactivate shoppers.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Evolution of YouTube’s Retail-Specific Ad Offerings
  • Breakdown of Direct Response Highlighting TrueView for Action
  • Lower-Funnel Audience Segmentation Focusing on Custom-Intent
  • Developing a Blueprint for Your Brand’s YouTube Ad Campaign
  • YouTube Ad Examples: Successes to Mimic & Failures to Avoid

CPC Strategy & Google provide expert insights on YouTube advertising & evaluate success stories for brands strategizing beyond branding on YouTube.

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Event Speakers

Josh Brisco

Sr. Manager, Retail Operations

CPC Strategy

Laurielle Hofer

Agency Account Strategist