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The Future of TV is Performance Streaming

Fuel your Marketing with Streaming Ads

Traditional TV was notoriously hard to measure. But those days are behind us now.

Streaming advertising is the next generation of performance marketing for brands that want to optimize their ads with modern machine learning and future-proof them with owned data.

In this webinar, hear from Tinuiti’s Streaming+ experts on how to take advantage of streaming advertising while measuring what you care about most—performance.

What You’ll Learn

The state of performance streaming (also referred to as over-the-top or OTT) and what is coming next
How to integrate streaming advertising across your larger marketing strategy to improve performance on every screen your audience is looking at
How to overcome the most common mistakes in streaming advertising
How our clients are making a big splash with their streaming campaigns —and accurately measuring their performance—by directly connecting impressions to marketing outcomes

Our Speakers

Devin McGaughey

Devin McGaughey

CEO, Prospect Point Media, part of Tinuiti

PPM Now Part of Tinuiti

Stefanos Metaxas

Stefanos Metaxas

Chief Strategy Officer, Bliss Point Media, part of Tinuiti

BPM Now Part of Tinuiti