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The Retail Readiness Holiday Checklist

Make a list, check it twice. Cross off your prep items for the holidays.

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Busy preparing for the holiday season on Amazon? Our experts have it all covered, from the operations strategy that will minimize your chargebacks to the key advertising strategies to get your products in front of your target audience during the holiday shopping season.

In this webinar, our experts discussed the holistic strategy you should be employing for success on Amazon, including the checklist for winning channel management during Q4.

What You Learned

W-10-21-21 1
Your to-do list leading up to Q4 for success on Amazonー plus what to prioritize for next year
W-10-21-21 2
Advertising tactics, including DSP, that will get you in front of your ideal audience during the holidays
W-10-21-21 3
The best game plan for your Amazon operations during the holidays and how to navigate the shipping landscape
W-10-21-21 4
How to fold your Amazon advertising and operations tactics into a larger, cohesive strategy that fuels your marketing entire funnel