Roundtable Discussion

The State of Amazon’s Brand Gating Policy & Protection

What’s True, What’s False & What Sellers Should Expect


While many Amazon sellers are already aware of Amazon’s new Brand Gating Policy, there is still much uncertainty & rumors swirling about Amazon’s supposed intentions and future plans. We’ve brought in 3 industry experts to shed some light on what’s true, what’s false and what you can expect as a brand on the marketplace.

Questions We’ll Answer:

  • Overview of Amazon’s Brand Gating Policy
  • What are the Brand Gating Steps?
  • Is Brand Gating the Silver Bullet?
  • Why is Your Brand Gating Request Denied?
  • How Will Brand Protection on Amazon Change in the Future?
  • Bring Your Questions, Because We’ll be Answering More!

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Your Round-Table Panelists


Pat Petriello

 Head of Marketplace Strategy



CJ Rosenbaum

 Founder & Attorney


Chris Barnes

 Sr. VP, e-Commerce Solutions


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