Unpacking Amazon’s Digital Shelf Space:

Amazon’s Organic Ranking Battleground for Increased Product Visibility & Sales

Increase sales & performance by managing your presence on Amazon

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Amazon’s digital shelf has become the new battleground for brand manufacturers & vendors to get their products in front of consumers. With all of the so-called blackhat tactics & hacks, it’s understandable why there’s so much confusion when it comes to ranking on Amazon.

Some Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • The role Amazon’s digital shelf plays in your online strategy
  • Factors the A9 ranking algorithm considers for search queries
  • Measuring the impact of your digital placement on Amazon
  • Takeaways to make your products more visible
  • Live Q&A forum

Don’t Miss Out—we’ve brought together the leading industry experts at CPC Strategy, Salsify & Market Track to bring the A9 algorithm under a microscope and dissect which levers to pull to increase your presence on the digital shelf.

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Event Speakers


Nancy-Lee McLaughlin

Manager, Marketplace Strategy

Tanya Zadoorian

Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst

Krishna Vemulapali

VP, eCommerce Solutions

Josh Silverman

Director of Analytics