The State of The Facebook Performance Marketing Landscape in 2017

An Expert Round-Table Discussion – How Will Facebook Shape Retail Marketing?

Tuesday, January 24th | 10AM-11AM PST/1PM-2PM EST

The Story: Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because it’s a channel that can address every stage of the ecommerce conversion funnel—from brand awareness to generating revenue to creating loyal customer relationships.

But as we head into 2017, many questions remain unanswered – How do we capitalize on our Facebook marketing efforts for the new year? What should we expect? Where should we invest?

The Event –  Join 3 of the leading industry experts to kick-start the new year, as they sit down to talk about upcoming trends, expectations & strategies they’re looking forward to implementing in 2017.

Event Layout:

  • Ad Types You’ll Want to Allocate Budget Towards
  • Targeting Capabilities are Only Going to Improve
  • Will Video Advertising Capabilities Soar?
  • Retail Lead Generation Campaigns leading to Profitability
  • Is Facebook Search Going to be the new Google Search?
  • Chatbots & Messenger have been the talk of 2016 – Will it take off?

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Course Speakers

Nii Ahene

COO & Co-Founder


Massimo Chieruzzi

 CEO & Co-Founder


Nick Steeves

 Chief Product Officer