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Google Dynamic Remarketing And The Future Of Ecommerce


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Google Dynamic Remarketing is sort of a bid deal for ecommerce merchants.OK its a big deal.

Dynamic Remarketing options prior to Google Dynamic Remarketing for ecommerce merchants comprised of remarketing solutions such as Adroll, or remarketing with Google. Smaller merchants were often unable to use platforms like AdRoll to retarget because remarketing platforms frequently have a minimum monthly spend.  While Google remarketing was more accessible, merchants were limited with retargeting options, such as product specific ads.

Google Dynamic Remarketing opens up the option for targeting remarketing ads specific to products, product pages, different user groups, etc. The implications for overall ecommerce are certainly large. Google’s Dynamic Remarketing influence on online shopping presents an exciting and varied future for ecommerce business owners.

At CPC Strategy, we have a unique perspective on ecommerce since we eat, sleep, and breathe online shopping (yes we’re a bit nerdy). Here are some of those thoughts on where Dynamic Remarketing is headed, and what it means for ecommerce.

What Does Google Dynamic Remarketing Mean For Ecommerce?


Stephen Kerner: “I think Google Dynamic Remarketing could give ecommerce businesses a boost of traffic, sales and a second chance to convert shoppers. If you are selling anything, you have to be online and you have to be using tools and services that Google provides.  Services like Dynamic Remarketing have the potential to expand ROI and drive high qualified traffic back to sites.These types of services often level the playing field and gives many businesses a chance to grow to their fullest potential.”


Eliza Cuevas: “Google has a plan. It was first to change free traffic to paid which caused chaos to retailers who didn’t know how to build out a Google Shopping campaign. Now Google Dynamic Remarketing is the next step. If this is built out correctly, it will have a positive impact for retailers who are already running a PLA campaign.”


Josh Brisco: “The biggest impact that GDR will have on eCommerce in general is that this helps evens the playing field for small to medium sized retailers in the dynamic ad arena. Now that agencies no longer are the only way to leverage dynamic remarketing ads, one of the most precise targeting mechanisms out there is accessible to any retailer on any budget.”


William Parris: “Dynamic Remarketing continues Google’s move into more targeted, product focused advertising. Having the ability to dynamically create ads that include your image, price and text, all based on what a shopper viewed on your website? Awesome.”



Jeff Coleman: “By entering the Dynamic Remarketing space Google has essentially opened it up to retailers of all sizes. You don’t need to spend a minimum amount like you might with other Dynamic Remarketing agencies, and since you can leverage your existing Google Merchant Center feed most retailers can get started right away.”

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