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Create An Extenstion For Product Listing Ads 

Use A Pre-Existing Extension With Associated Filters


Create An Extenstion For Product Listing Ads

When initially setting up your PLA campaign, you will need to choose an extension for your Google Merchant login. Oftentimes pre-existing extensions have filters associated with them, and can be changed by other users (who presumably set them up).


To avoid these issues down the road, create a new extension with the Google Merchant login ID for your account.

product listing ads extensions tip1) Create a new extension with the Google Merchant login ID for your account.

To create a new extension, select ‘create a new extension’ under the Ad extensions header on the Campaign Settings page when setting up your campaign. This is at the bottom of the Campaign settings page:

product listing ads extensions create a new extension screen

Remember: The new extension you create should match the merchant ID for the GML that is associated with the AdWords account

Use A Pre-Existing Extension With Associated Filters

If you are managing a PLA campaign which is already associated with an existing extension, validation issues and other problems are often a result of that extension having filters enabled.

product listing ads extensions jason tip“We recommend creating a new extension every time to limit the issues that could occur. Having multiple extensions will not hurt your campaign (only make the drop down menu look a bit messy). Better safe than sorry.”

product listing ads extensions tip

1) Check and see if there are any filters associated with the GML extension for your PLA campaign, and remove those which exist or create a new extension as outlined in the above bullet.

To see if you have any filters associated with your campaign, look under the Filter Tab:

product listing ads extensions filter tab

Product-level history is saved and linked to your Google Merchant Center.

Don’t worry about losing any product performance history with this change, as removing a filter (or creating a new Ad Extension for your account) won’t wipe out any former data and won’t hurt your campaigns relevancy.


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